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Welcome to the NAWIC Awards – an extraordinary celebration of excellence, innovation, and empowerment within the construction industry. Each year, the NAWIC Awards shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of women, businesses and allies who are redefining the narrative and shaping the future of construction.

More than just accolades, these awards represent a powerful acknowledgment of leadership, resilience, and groundbreaking contributions. From groundbreaking projects to visionary leaders, the NAWIC Awards recognise the outstanding individuals and initiatives that inspire progress and inclusivity in the dynamic world of construction.

Join us in applauding the trailblazers who embody the spirit of NAWIC, driving positive change, fostering diversity, and setting new standards of excellence.

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Crystal Vision Award


Design Award



Award for Project Achievement Award



Award for Business Professional Award

Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec

Award for Emerging Leader Award


Award for Graduate of the Year Award


Continuous Improvement Award