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2022 - 2023 NAWIC Mentoring Program

The NAWIC SA Mentoring Program is NOW OPEN for applications.
The SA chapter offers a formal, structured mentoring program, accessible to NAWIC members across all career stages. 
The Program aims to inspire women to continually strive for higher levels of performance and provide guidance on career pathways to enable them to achieve their career goals and aspirations.
It is targeted at women who are in all stages of their career across Construction and Property and helps connect students, trades people, recent graduates and also more accomplished professionals with NAWIC Members who are actively participating in the Industry, to offer their targeted advice and support. The Program aims to develop positive Mentoring partnerships, whilst also providing the opportunity to:

  • Improve career planning 
  • Develop life skills to enhance career and workplace transitions
  • Develop the Mentoring culture within NAWIC and build the capacity of Members to undertake formal Mentoring roles

The Program is designed in line with sound Mentoring program principles and adheres to contemporary practices.

The NAWIC SA Education Committee will assess all applications and assign the Mentor/Mentee pairs. All persons will be notified when they have been matched with a Mentor/Mentee. NAWIC will do its best to accommodate all applicants. Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Professionalism shown in the application process
  • Interests
  • Goals
The program will formally commence with a Launch Event, where all Mentor and Mentee pairs meet and are given a detailed introduction to the Program. The committee will share tools and activities to assist discussion during Mentoring sessions. Mentoring pairs will have the opportunity to set out a formal program to help them meet and develop their individual objectives for the Mentoring relationship. NAWIC encourages all parties to attend this session, as the information provided at the workshop will provide a mentoring pair with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills, enabling them to commence their mentoring relationship in a positive way.

There will be opportunities throughout the program for Mentors/Mentees to share feedback on their experiences of the Mentoring Program including suggestions for how NAWIC might develop and improve the program.

Program duration

October 2022 – September 2023

Program commitment

Monthly mentoring meet ups, in person networking events and 'check ins'

Scheduled Dates

  • Applications open – Friday 16th September
  •  Applications close – Wednesday 5th October
  •  Launch Event – October 2022

Ready to register?

To register your interest in participating in this program please apply below:

Application Here!

If you have any questions, please reach out to the NAWIC SA Mentoring Program Lead, Cassie Manser-Farr

Program Sponsor:


SA Leadership Development Program


NAWIC SA’s 2022 Leadership Development Program is now open now for registrations. 

This program will expose you to some of the industry's highly regarded and forward-thinking leaders. Utilising a ‘safe space’ to discuss real-life leadership challenges, participants can maximise the knowledge and experience of others to find honest, proactive, cutting edge and tested solutions whilst building those vital long-standing relationships. 

We recognise juggling work and family commitments is a challenge. That’s why we deliver your learning over 6 months.  Modules are short, gritty and enable skills taught to be effectively implemented in the workplace and real-life scenarios to be workshopped in a safe and supportive coaching and learning environment.

Designed for women in the construction and property industry, this program is not only engaging but also compelling. Delivered in partnership with Collective Courage and the ground-breaking research of Dr Brené Brown, this program ticks all the boxes. 

Anna Ranaldo a Dare to Lead™Certified Facilitator brings a unique and engaging style of leadership delivery combining interactive and thought-provoking workshops, networking with SA’s top leaders and most importantly courageous conversations.  

“The NAWIC LDP was both liberating and empowering.  With incredible insights from Dr Brene Brown, we were skilfully guided by Anna to “dive deep” and understand the four elements of brave leadership. It gave me permission to be vulnerable, and in doing so, understand that the key to being a good leader, is sharing the load and empowering others to lead.”

Want to know more? 
Our NAWIC leadership Booklet provides all the details for this program including breakdown of each module, the timing and costs. 

Ready to register? 
To ensure you get the most value from the NAWIC SA Leadership Development Program numbers will be limited. 

To register your interest in participating in this program please CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions please reach out to Sian Dodd.

Registrations close 2nd May 2022.

Price: Price: $1750 plus GST 

The price includes your leadership assessment, workshops, program material, networking events, a copy of Dare to Lead™ by Brené Brown and all food and beverages.

Program Sponsor: 

Venue Sponsor:




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