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The ACT Chapter is proud to boast that it is kicking goals in promoting and championing women in the construction industry. The ACT Chapter is recognised by government and industry as a key contributor and change agent on diversity and inclusion for the industry. Our voice is continuing to grow and our traction is gaining momentum in the local region's construction industry.

NAWIC ACT is aligned with key advocates who share the NAWIC mission and values, this achievement affords our members guaranteed support and opportunity and gives them a voice on key issues.



As part of NAWIC’s strategic plan and our vision of 25% by 2025, we have committed to collaboratively working with educational institutions across Australia to create a pipeline of young to join the construction industry. Focusing on the secondary education sector is an important step to achieving our vision of 25% by 2025 and directly links to our ‘Education’ strategic pillar. 

In partnership with the ACT Government Office for Women and the Education Directorate, NAWIC ACT have launched the Understanding Building and Construction Pilot Program (UBCPP), seeking to enhance opportunities and remove barriers preventing young women from choosing a career pathway in the construction industry. The UBCPP also aims to improve the understanding of the industry throughout secondary school education. 
This pilot program has been developed as part of a larger educational pipeline to support students to make informed career choices as they first proceed into high school, and later into higher education opportunities. 


The UBCPP is the first curriculum-based program that focuses on women in construction for female students throughout years 7-10 in Australia, designed with the intention that they may consider a school-based apprenticeship program or university pathway as they transition into Years 11 and 12. 

Years 7 to 8

In Years 7 to 8, the program is targeted at all students and is designed to start conversations, address bias and create a shift in industry perception. The classes provide an introduction to the industry and present the broad career opportunities available to all students to remove the gendered bias female students may face. 

Years 9 to 10

The program for students in Years 9-10 is an elective unit for female and gender diverse students to complete over one semester. This program will deep dive into their personal understanding of themselves to best allow them to make fully informed career decisions within the construction industry, supporting them on the foundations of their career journey. Students will receive the relevant certificates and PPE to facilitate a one-week, unpaid, work experience placement onsite as an introduction to working in the industry. 

Years 11 to 12

If the students wish to continue their career journey and learning experience within the construction industry, they will be eligible to participate in the current school-based apprenticeship program provided by the Australian Training Company (ATC) in partnership with NAWIC ACT. This program purely focuses on paid employment for students in Year 11 and 12, the final step in the secondary education program, with many going on to full or part-time roles upon completion of their schooling. 
By combining the two models, NAWIC ACT will create meaningful and positive discussions with students, parents and teachers about the construction industry and why the industry should be seriously considered as a career pathway by young women and their support networks. To find out more about the ATC school-based apprenticeship program for female students in Years 11-12, please call ATC on 0438 984 212.


We’re seeking workplaces that share our vision of an equitable construction industry where women fully participate and want to be part of an innovative approach, strengthening the ties between the construction industry and schools and improve access to industry opportunities for young women considering a career in construction. 
It is an exciting opportunity for your workplace to host a female student and show them the various and diverse career options for women in the building and construction industry! Can you take on a student or two from Years 9-10 for a block placement of five days. Year 10 students will commence Monday 5 September (Week 8, Term 3), with Year 9 commencing Monday 5 December. 

Please register your interest here.


For more information regarding the program and what is required of you, please email [email protected]
Fast Facts:

As part of this program, students receive the following before being placed onsite:
-Construction Industry White Card (General Construction Induction)
-Asbestos Awareness Training
-All required PPE will be supplied by NAWIC ACT and the ACT Office for Women
All placements are a commitment for a block placement of five business days.
Work experience placements are unpaid with insurance covered by the ACT Education Directorate.
Ongoing support available through career development and industry mentors. 
The program starts from Year 7 – 10, with opportunity to join a school-based apprenticeship through the Australian Training Company in Year 11 and 12.

Please read through our FAQ’s.

Meet Our Sponsors

As 2020 continues, we are all well and truly due for recognition of the exception resilience and positivity shown across our industry. We keep hearing amazing stories of innovation and comradery during this time and we acknowledge that due to the circumstances, we haven’t been able to engage with our valued Sponsors anywhere near as much as we would like to.

We reached out to our Sponsors and asked for stories and insights to showcase their commitment to diversity and standout women in their organisations and their achievements. Click here to read their stories.




The NAWIC ACT Committee are excited to announce the publication of our 2020 Awards E-Book!

After the year that was 2020, we still feel incredibly grateful that our annual Crystal Vision Awards for Excellence were able to go ahead and celebrate the amazing achievements of women, men and organisations within the construction industry, at our biggest awards yet with over 55 nominations.

Thank you to our valued sponsors, members and all those throughout the industry that support us, helping to make events like these possible.

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2020 ACT Awards for Excellence Photo Gallery

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2020 NAWIC ACT Updates



ACT Co - Presidents Message:

 What a jam packed year to date! With highs and lows, and a whole lot of "what the...?".

The mid-point of 2020 is the perfect time to stop and reflect on the amazing people within our industry, and throw a party to celebrate their achievements! The collective NAWIC ACT committee are proud and excited to launch the 2020/2021 Crystal Vision Awards for Excellence. In a year, in which the word "unprecedented" is becoming the new norm, the launch of the Awards for Excellence is a time to loudly shout "Hello world! We are still here and we are going to hit goals, no matter what is in our way."

The ACT chapter have been busy while in isolation, bringing our members a host of online events and courses. We have made a wrap on our first dedicated six-month mentoring program, invited you to free mindful meditation and yoga sessions in May, and continued with our Success Series, site tours and professional development courses via video conferencing. Amongst this backdrop, our members have taken a critical role in stepping up to keep the industry and economy moving.

We are therefore thrilled to release this years' Awards for Excellence Categories, a recognition of the efforts that have been made over the last 12-months. This year we have included changes to the criteria for the Emerging Leader and Leadership in Construction nominations to capture the importance of women at all stages of Construction leadership. We hope to champion women, men and companies to continue to drive diversity in the construction industry, and to encourage those who are leading this change to enter into this year's NAWIC Awards for Excellence.

In times that challenge us, we grow, we learn and we succeed; and with you, we celebrate!

NAWIC ACT Partnership with the Australian Training Company:

  • NAWIC ACT Chapter has recently partnered with the Australian Training Company (ATC) and Skills Canberra to deliver a unique pilot project aimed at increasing the uptake of females commencing Australian School Based Apprenticeship (ASBA) wanting to commence a career within the building and construction industry.  ATC and NAWIC were successful in securing secured grant funding via Skills Canberra's "Futures Skills for Future Jobs" grants program and has employed a part time resource to assist with delivering the project outcomes over the next 18 months.

NAWIC ACT 2020 Success Series 

  • Success Series 1 : Constructing your Career During COVID-19 - Elinor Moshe  
  • Success Series 2 : Girls Opinions on Construction and Trade Careers (Research Paper) - Dr Phillippa Carnemolla
  • Success Series 3 : Q&A With Alison Mirams, CEO Roberts Pizzarotti

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