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ACT Mentoring


The ACT Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction’s Professional Development Committee is calling for participants for this year’s Mentoring Program.

The Mentoring Program, targeted at women who are in all stages of their career in the Building and Construction Industry, connects female students, apprentices, recent graduates and also more accomplished personnel with NAWIC Members who are currently working in the Building and Construction Industry, to offer their targeted advice and support. The Program aims to develop positive Mentoring partnerships, whilst also providing the opportunity to: 

  • Improve career planning for female students, apprentices and recent graduates

  • Reduce gender specific career attitudes within young women

  • Develop the Mentoring culture within NAWIC and build the capacity of Members to undertake formal Mentoring roles

This document outlines the Mentoring Program that will be run at Chapter level for this financial year.



NAWIC's mission is to improve the Australian construction industry through the greater participation of women and to contribute to the development of a world-class construction industry by providing leadership, representation and the promotion of women in construction to government, the construction industry and the media. NAWIC ACT considers the NAWIC Mentoring Program as one of the most important activities of the Council as it is directly associated to the objectives and missions of the NAWIC organisation. The Program aims to inspire women to continually strive for higher levels of performance and provide guidance on career pathways to enable them to achieve their career goals and aspirations. The Program is designed in line with sound Mentoring program principles and adheres to contemporary practices.



The NAWIC ACT Education and Mentoring Committee will assess all applications and assign the Mentor/Mentee pairs. All persons will be notified when they have been matched with a Mentor/Mentee. NAWIC will do its best to accommodate all applicants. Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Professionalism shown in the application process

  • Interests

  • Goals

The program will formally commence with a Kick Off Event workshop. At the workshop, all Mentor and Mentee pairs meet and are given a detailed introduction to the Program. The committee will share tools and activities to assist discussion during Mentoring sessions. Mentoring pairs will have the opportunity to set out a formal program to help them meet and develop their individual objectives for the Mentoring relationship. NAWIC encourages all parties to attend this session, as the information provided at the workshop will provide a mentoring pair with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills, enabling them to commence their mentoring relationship in a positive way.

There will be opportunities throughout the program for Mentors/Mentees to share feedback on their experiences of the Mentoring Program including suggestions for how NAWIC might develop and improve the program.



The cost of the participation in the 2023-2024 Mentoring Program is $280.00 for Mentees only (there is no cost for Mentors to participate). Included in this cost are tickets to attend the mentee events during the year which include professional mentor coaching and networking opportunities over drinks and canapés.






 Applications open for Mentors and Mentees


 Application close


 Successful applicants notified for further program details; payment required


 Mentoring and Coaching Development workshop for Mentors.


 Program Launch Evening


 Group session


 Networking catch-up


 Group session


 Group session


 Wrap up & function

November 2024

 NAWIC ACT Awards Night – Certificates for Participation in the program




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